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Things I do to help me get through lockdown 2.0

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As we head into our third week into Lockdown, the affects of these changes can start to deteriorate ones mental heath. It is so easy to find yourself slipping into an unhealthy routine. For me personally, this Lockdown has proven to be a little easier. Here are a few things that have helped me keep on top of looking after myself:

1) I know this sounds a little cliché but exercise! Starting my day with a few exercises can really help me start my day feeling active and stop me feeling restless if I'm spending my day inside. I like to use YouTube to find a quick 10 minute workout; I'd recommend Chloe Ting her workouts are really fun and definitely get me sweating.

2) Showering. Sometimes when your feeling low it can be hard to do even the most basic of things. Showering can actually help you lift your mood and relieve stress. Keeping up with hygiene is important with helping you take care of yourself.

3) Vitamin D. Lower levels of vitamin d can be associated with anxiety and depression. Taking Vitamin supplements have really helped me through this lockdown as this time of year is a little dark and gloomy. Although when the sun comes out its nice to catch as much natural vitamin D when you can!

4) Cooking for yourself. Most of us don't have a lot of time to cook nice meals ourselves but it can be a really fun and nice way to relieve stress. Try setting aside some time at least once a week. There's always lots of easy recipes online if you don't know how to make something! This is a great chance to experiment and try something new that you've always wanted to try making.

5) Call that friend. We all have that one friend that we love but we don't speak to as often anymore. Sometimes just reaching out to someone can be nice for you as well as your friend. Having a nice catch up over the phone is the next best thing to socialising during lockdown. Although it is hard to reply to messages when you are feeling low as it can feel like a chore, phone calls or video calls can help you feel more sociable. While we can't meet anyone outside of our bubbles, we don't have to emotionally detach from them.

This lockdown may be nearly over but I hope this was helpful to anyone who might have needed a little boost! Thank you for reading and stay safe <3

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