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Milicent Fambrough: Artist of the Week

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

This week we will be exploring the various projects of Milicent Fambrough, a digital artist and painter.

Milicent Fambrough is a contemporary artist and writer from San Antonio, Texas. If you want to find out more about her artwork you can read our Q&A below. You can find more images of their recent projects @milicent210. You can also find her recent painting exhibited in our online exhibition Locked-Down.

Can you briefly describe your art practice?

My day consists of coffee, painting, writing, cut paper postcards and digital artwork. Since the pandemic I have been using art as a therapeutic exercise for my anxiety disorder. It’s calming and helps clear my mind.

Is there a piece of art that you are most proud of creating? Why?

I am most proud of my black and white photography. My first published work was a black and white series of photos. I was so excited about the local publication picking me. It was an exciting moment for me. Probably what started me on this path.

What drove you to pursuing a practice in painting and digital art?

Painting is a tradition for me. Something passed down in my family. Digital artwork came with the changing times.  

Milicent Fambrough, Emotions in neon, acrylic on canvas/digital photography, 2019

Is there an element of art you like or dislike working with? Why?

No, I love creating.

How does your process differ from painting when you create something digitally?

The tools are different of course. Digital artwork doesn’t takes time to dry. Digital artwork is cheaper to ship and duplicate.

Milicent Fambrough, Suburbia, acrylic/gouache/watercolour on card stock, 2020

What projects have you recently completed?

I recently wrote a piece and contributed to a publication featured in Low Caliber magazine, an online magazine that is a celebration of the unfiltered and unedited. The publication Visually Obsessed explores the beauty in nature. You can read the publication here.

I have also contributed to this interesting project titled Open the Black Boxes, An ongoing participatory art project by Danae Stratou. Danae Stratou and Vital Space invite people from around the world to participate in the art project Open the Black Boxes by submitting online the One Word which best reflects what threatens them the most, or what they are desperately eager to preserve. Open the Black Boxes provides free access to an ongoing open source database created by mapping people’s hopes and fears. You can view this project here. or visit their Instagram page here.

Currently my digital artwork is being exhibited on the streets of Harlem NYC. You can view this projects Instagram page here.

Milicent Fambrough, Tired, digital, 2020

I have also contributed to another awesome publication which you can read here.

Why do you make this type of art? 

I love working with my hands. It might also be something like self soothing. I know painting is relaxing for me. 

What kind of artists influence you the most?

I don’t have any specific person I admire in the art world. My attention is drawn towards powerful feelings in black and white photography. Street photography catches my attention. Pop art is a favourite genre of mine. Street art and architecture I am a fan of. 

How important is colour and composition within your artwork?

Very important because I feel colour is symbolic. Composition is also important I find myself plotting out the composition of my artwork more than I pay attention to colour themes.

Milicent Fambrough, Hope and sadness, acrylic/gouache/watercolour on card stock, 2020

Artists everywhere have had to adapt to the sudden impact of COVID-19. Has your practice changed in any way during this time?

My dedication to my artwork and writing has ramped up considerably.

What do you hope people experience when looking at your art? Do you have a set theme that you want to portray?

Every piece of artwork I create has a life of it’s own. 

Milicent Fambrough, Kelp, acrylic/gouache/watercolour on card stock, 2020

Do you have any last statement or anything you want to add?

I encourage others and I feel that it is the most important part of being an artist. Supporting the local community and global community. To encourage others to create and submit their work.

You can view more of Milicent's work here:




If you are interested in being featured as an Artist of the Week you can fill out a short application form here.

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