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Updated: Jul 28

Hi, welcome to out very first blog. For this post we will be showcasing our Artist of the Week blog series. Read ahead to find out more and what we can provide to you.

Artist of the Week

What is Artist of the Week?

We have been working hard at Oddball to provide artists with a space where their artwork can be promoted. Artist of the Week will be a weekly blog series solely for the purpose of promoting and artist and their practice as a way of supporting them.

How will it be promoted?

For our artist feature we will create an eye-catching poster of artwork that you can send in and post this alongside information about the artists through a Q&A. This will explore the artists practice, what they have been making, what the work is about and what they might be doing next. Promotions will be features on our Artists of the Week blog as well as on our social media feed, providing links to the artists pages so that readers can find out more.

Why is promotion important?

Promotion can be a great positive way of involving yourself in the art community. This can allow you to network with other fellow artists and creatives as well as setting you up for future opportunities. It also allows your art to reach more people. Artists supporting artists is a key way of allowing the creative community to grow and help upcoming artists get a footing in the art world.

All artists from any background are encouraged to contact us. Any form of art is encouraged, from film, performance and sound to painting, sculpture or installation, all art is welcome. We especially want to use this space to promote artists and creatives who are otherwise under represented.

For the opportunity to be featured you can contact us here.

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Oddball Space

At Oddball Space we aim to create a relaxed and fun environment, which is absent of the intimidation that can often come with an artist led group. We hope to create a welcoming, inclusive and forward thinking space which represents those who are otherwise unrepresented. It is extremely important to us as a group to help educate and inform our audience on current issues in the hope of bettering society and provide charity for groups who need it. We hope to provide a lot for charities and Artists and be a trusted group you feel supported by.



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