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Kaz Singh: Artist of the Week

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

For today's blog we are excited to announce our second Artist of the Week Kaz Singh.

Kaz is currently producing branding material for local companies, creating logos and artwork as well as creating character designs for his own games and hobby interests. We were drawn to his bold and retro style, using personal interests and games as an art-form. If you like the look of his work please read further, our Q&A offers some interesting insights into his practice. You can see more of his designs

Describe your artwork in one sentence.

I would describe my artwork as minimal. I think.

What is your current artwork about?

Currently it is about the hobbies and things I’m into. Although most of my designs are for musician logos and branding. My current personal projects are more geared towards Dungeons and Dragons, games and anime.

What media do you mostly use?

I work using digital media. I start with a sketch but will then take it into Photoshop to recreate and play around with it until I get something I like the vibe of.

What projects have you recently completed?

I have just completed a bunch of art for a project that’s promoting the brand and podcast Sync City. It’s mainly the logo and their digital presence with some promo work planned for the future.

What projects are you looking to do next?

The next project is one for my current Dungeons and Dragons gaming group. I've sketched out the player characters and I want to design some comic strips based on their adventures. I am also planning on some character design work for a mobile game that I’m helping with!

What is your favourite thing about your own art practice and why?

I think the favourite thing about my art is maybe the excitement when I find an idea I really like, and it lifts my mood massively and gets me in an artsy space for the rest of the day. Maybe also when I finish a piece for a client, and they are really happy with the result.

We see that a lot of your work has narrative. How do you find involving storytelling into your art?

With artwork that’s for storytelling I try to either get symbolism, colour or space to express the mood and story I want to tell. But with other pieces like maps or landscapes I try to leave it up to interpretation.

We at Oddball Space find it great how an artist can produce work around their own interests, using hobbies as a way to connect to others and build a fun community. Gaming and art has always been seen as separate art-forms but it is wonderful to see how Kaz is able to combine the two. We look forward to seeing the new designs Kaz comes up with next.

If you are interested in being featured as an Artist of the Week you can fill out a short application form here.

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