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Adil Amin: Artist of the Week

This week we will be looking at painter Adil Amin, exploring his views on art making and the processes he takes to create his series of paintings.

If you want to see more of Adil's artwork you can follow his Instagram @adilamin236.

Can you briefly describe yourself and your art?

I am a Fine Artist mainly specialising in painting.  The subjects of my works are Self-Portraits and urban landscapes of my hometown.

Is there a piece of art that you are most proud of creating? Why?

I'm proud of a few pieces I've recently created. I don't know I haven't done much planning. I started this Hoody Self Portrait idea 10 years ago and just picked it back up 5months ago. It's kinda almost like freestyle painting organised in your head and just going with it controlling it using trial and error. 

What drove you to pursuing a practice in painting?

I finished studying at BCU in 2011 and haven't been active since.  Being a keyworker in a supermarket gave me the last nudge to paint again. 

Adil Amin, Self-Portrait Green Hoody 2, acrylic paint on canvas, 2020

Is there an element of art you like or dislike working with? Why?

I cant think of what I like or don't like. What you put in is what you get out (Insha'Allah) (God willing).  Dedication and hard work means more than my talent. Talent can be wasted. Hard work pays off in the end. 

How do you choose your subject matter?

My subject is chosen from everything around me, my environment, my identity and experiences from life. 

What projects have you recently completed?

I have half completed my hoodies series. I'm up to series 5 and I am going to make a few more series using different hoodies and bigger size canvases. 

Adil Amin, Self-Portrait Green Hoody 3, acrylic paint on canvas, 2020

Why do you make this type of art?

I make this work firstly, fully intending to break all the rules. Secondly, to represent my peoples and where I'm from.

What kind of artists influence you the most?

Van Gogh, Lucien Freud, LS Lowry, Francis Bacon and Elizabeth Peyton. 

A lot of your paintings depict self-portraits. Are these important for you to explore in your practice.

I try to bring life to subjects using paint and brushstrokes like how Lucien Freud uses paint as if it was flesh itself. 

Adil Amin, Self Portrait Hoody with a Cigarette, acrylic paint on canvas, 2020

Artists everywhere have had to adapt to the sudden impact of COVID-19. Has your practice changed in any way during this time?

I've just started painting again after ten years because of the pandemic.  I was working and just thought I need to make art if I can work during this. 

What kind of themes do you try and present in your landscape paintings?

I present everyday scenes.  I used to like painting mosques with domes and minarets in England. Comparing the contrast in architecture and cultures. 

Adil Amin, Grimshaw Park 3, acrylic paint on canvas, 2020

It has been very insightful to see how an artist can return to painting after a period of time, showing how skills can be relearned and still developed. We are looking forward to seeing the continuation of Adil's portrait series and wish Adil the best of luck.

If you are interested in being featured as an Artist of the Week you can fill out a short application form here.

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