Our virtual gallery provides artists with a space to display their work, free of charge. In these present challenging times with galleries being closed across the country, our gallery can provide an opportunity for artists to still showcase their work. We want all artists from any background to feel encouraged to participate in our upcoming exhibition events.



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw

Open 21 December - 21 March.

What does identity mean to you? This exhibition will explore themes of sexuality, faith, families and relationships. Including art that demonstrates what it means to have an identity. Whether that be the types of clothes you wear, the way you speak or how you engage with society. Anything that makes you who you are.

Please note: the exhibition is set up as an interactive text-based game and works best on Chrome web browser and on laptops.


Locked down virtual gallery 10 Aug to 10


This exhibition showcased how art still persisted during a global pandemic, with us all being locked-down at home. The work showcased painting, film textiles and collage within a test-based game format. This can still be viewed here

About Oddball Space

Oddball Space


At Oddball Space we aim to create a relaxed and fun environment, which is absent of the intimidation that can often come with an artist led group. We hope to create a welcoming, inclusive and forward thinking space which represents those who are otherwise unrepresented. It is extremely important to us as a group to help educate and inform our audience on current issues in the hope of bettering society and provide charity for groups who need it. We hope to provide a lot for charities and Artists and be a trusted group you feel supported by.



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