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This exhibition explored themes of sexuality, faith, families and relationships. Including art that demonstrates what it means to have an identity. Anything that makes you who you are. The work showcased sculpture, film, painting and collage within a test-based game format. This can still be viewed here


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Oddball Space is pleased to present A4, a group exhibition comprising of 22 artists work all measuring 210 mm by 297 mm. The artworks, submitted as part of an open call, all explore the possibilities of art making where size is the only limitation. The exhibition will be live from 13 November - 19 February.

View Exhibition.


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Art with Words - an open call for writers

We are looking for writers to be part of the Oddball Blog, providing an opportunity to explore emerging writers. Art with Words, an open call for writers is a project aimed at giving people a safe space to have their text seen. We are accepting submissions of any from of written text, whether that be short stories, poems, manifestos, essays or more. There is no specific deadline for this opportunity as we want this to be constantly open as a way to showcase artists' writing.

How to Apply:


  1. Submit written text as a word document.

  2. Include artists name, title and any links to social media/website.

  3. Add a short description of yourself and why you'd like to be part of the project.

  4. Send all of this to with the subject line 'call for writers'.

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An archive of Oddball Space’s exhibitions, projects and events, including links, images, films and information about the events.

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